The Art Group undertakes a variety of activities - these articles give a flavour.

If you are new to our local area - or to painting and drawing etc - do get in touch with us! We are open to new members. Space is limited so we have to prioritise those living in or near Silverdale - and those interested in participating in our activities through the year.

At the moment - during the coronavirus outbreak - we have suspended our regular sessions. However, we are interacting on-line and developing (voluntary!) group projects. The section Keeping in Touch is helping us share work-in-progress etc.

Out and About

Examples of work from plein air sessions around our local area.

Keeping in Touch

Work and work-in-progress of members, shared to support inter-working and discussion.

Regular Sessions

We meet regularly on Monday afternoons to work together on individual or shared projects.

Workshops and Demonstrations

Popular events in our annual programme are demonstrations and workshops, led by a member or, more usually, by an invited local artist.

Group Challenge

Every year we have a Group Challenge in which we develop a single art work or, more usually, coordinated art works, which we show at our Annual Exhibition.

Annual Exhibition

We hold an Annual Exhibition in late June at the Gaskell Memorial Hall, Silverdale, synchronised with the Silverdale and Arnside Art and Craft Trail